January 13th, 2010

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Yikes! It's been a while here!

I've been keeping busy, at least when I have not been wiped out with the Cold From Hell. Still, progress! well, mostly.

I have made definite progress on some experimental ring designs, and am looking forward to finalizing the design- at least at this point- and posting some pictures.

Also been working on commissions.

I have 2 fairly fancy gift pieces on which I am working, and I have not had great results on either one; I think the Cold From Hell has not helped. One was almost done! but the translucent stone ended up with a dark blotch behind it after I set it- why, I do not know- and so I pulled the whole damn thing apart and am starting from scratch, mostly. I am concerned that I do not know how to avoid the blotch of doom next time, too. -And the other gift is even less progressed. Sigh.

At least I'm keeping up on the commissions and orders; I made a couple of Trinket Rings today, for example, as well as the rest of the stuff.

I would really like to get this damn cold GONE.
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