December 12th, 2009

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First off: while I adore Fabio (my Durston 158mm rolling mill), I will emntion that we only a couple of days ago received the replacement lock for the one we had to drill out of their cabinet after **2** of them had non-functional locks...

but we have also not heard anything at all about their promise to "comensate us for the trouble" of buying 2 cabinets that couldn't be opened, and then having to ourselves drill out the lock on one of them to make it work. These are not cheap cabinets. I think it is entirely appropriate that they do SOMETHING to compensate us- pkus they promised to do so! Still: at this point, they have not done anything, nor contacted us to arrange or negotiate anything.

The rolling mill is fabulous and wonderful and I adore it. The company... at this point, not so much.

A good day in the studio today- good progress on commissions, plus on some other stuff. More necesary tomorrow, of course...