November 15th, 2009

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While poor Fabio still is living in hois box, I got a bunch of other stuff done this weekend.

I made excellent progress on some commission work.

The gift piece I'm working on for a friend is heading toward completion. I decided that the bail was too off-center, so re-did it and now it's good. I then put it in the timbler for a bit for a pre-polish, and next need to polish the inside of the setting, since the stone is translucent; I will then "cure" it for an hour at 250F (or whatever the appropriate temp is), to pull up a germanium oxide coat on the argentium backing that will prevent it from tarnishing under the stone- and THEN, I can finish the puppy! :)

I also made a pendant wingnut, like my wingnut tie tacks/lapel pins on Etsy. I'm debating what color stone to put in it; right now I'm leaning to black onyx, for the noncommittal (plus, black and silver look so nice together!).

I had a bad seam on an Argentium mobius ring, so I cut that part out and re-soldered it- so I now have an extra Argentium silver ring. I've been playing with a different setting style for stones in this ring, and plan to use this one as a prototype/test piece; I want to be SURE the setting is secure before I offer it for sale!

I also played with a couple of experiemental pieces; once they get done, I'll probably put them up on Etsy.

And tomorrow- I should get Fabio's cabinet stand! and then we can figure out how, exactly, to mount the dude on it... Eep.
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