October 30th, 2009

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An excellent day in the studio today! I'm sending 3 things off tomorrow, plus I made good progress on 3 commissions- I forged out the metal for 2 of them, and soldered the third, then annealed all 3 so they're ready for the next step.

I also have 2 "project boxes" that are now EMPTY. (My project boxes are Altoids tins- they're such a great size for individual jewelry projects!) One will get that gift item put in it, but having one empty means I can start something NEW. While I am sorely tempted to do some sort of learning exercise- there's this highly elaborate, multiple-pivoting ring thing that was in a previous issue of Jewelry Artist and which I am really dying to make- I will probably be practical and begin work on one of my prototype ideas that I'd love to be able to sell for Xmas, or at least Valentine's Day.

Now that my commissions are mostly not overwhelming, I also need to do some serious work on my website. Like housework, website work is NEVER done! Top priorities: add some of the pics to the "new" gallery; add my much-better set of dedicated rings to my "about metals" info; and do an entire page on my various Mobius rings, that can then spawn links to individual variations. I'm also hoping to add info about gemds to the metals info, but that's probably a longer-term proposition; it shoudl probably have birthstone info, too.
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