October 25th, 2009

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I had an excellent day in the studio yesterday, though today was a bit meh. I did some work on some commissions, tweaked the fit of the fianl scent locket (so all it needs now is the finishing), etc.

I also unpacked my Rio order (NOT including the rolling mill!). I now have nicer boxes for fancy pendants, plus some nice but less-expensive boxes suitable for, say, 2+ Trinket Rings.

Also: the wherewithal to try out the new bronze PMC stuff- meaning a small package of it, plus a stainless steel covered box for firing it, plus 5 pounds each of 2 kinds of treated charcoal with which the vessel is filled- and the fork to get the box into and out of the kiln.

The fork came separately, since it's long and bulky. UPS did a fine job of mauling it, too, though J was able to put it back into shape. But when I was unpacking it, it seemed like there was something else in the box. Weird! So I opened the whole thing up- not that hard, since UPS had done at least half of that work for me- and lo! there was in it a totally random t-shirt. It is pink, with a cute cartoon of a tail-wagging dog on the from, labeled something like "Instant message"- it's not a Rio t-shirt or anything.

I am baffled by the shirt.
anvil, ring

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Also, I'm very excited about a piece I am making as a surprise gift for a friend. (Although as it progresses, I start to get nervous that she'll hate it...) I found a really gorgeous stone for it, and am having pretty good success with curving wide domed wire fairly tightly around the setting; I got about halfway there yesterday, and will anneal and (I hope) finish it tomorrow. The wire needs a fair amount of shaping, too, since the ends need to taper while retaining at least something of the domed shape.

I'm figuring this latter will be good practice for me in making versions of antique rings; many of them use a MUCH higher dome than anything currently available. I'm contemplating how best to do that with materials and equipment available now...

Anyway- this gift piece isn't taking all that much time, but it's a lot of fun. I'll post a picture, or a link to a pic, once it's done and given to the recipient.

I got the stone on Etsy, by the way- it's a lovely rose quartz, somewhat occulded, with a star like a star sapphire visible in the right light. YUM. I think you can see it here, though the default picture doesn't really do it justice: http://www.etsy.com/view_transaction.php?transaction_id=17120816