October 23rd, 2009

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For the win!

I not only got my latest Rio order today- though I have not opened it and parceled stuff out- as usual, it's a mix of findings, tools, and packaging...

BUT! I finally ordered my dream, fabulous, studly rolling mill- all 200 pounds of it. :P

I have been intimidated by placing this order for a couple of weeks now, mostly because 1. lots of $$$; and 2. WAY heavy!

It seems that for an extra $40 (over unknown shipping), they will deliver it into the studio. That's worth it. They will not, however, set it up, so we're on our own for that bit.

I have no idea how much the shipping is going to cost; they're getting back to me on Monday about that. Whatever it is, though- we'll spend it, because this is THE rolling mill of dreams (unless you're a production facility that needs electrically-powered), and no one on the East Coast seems to carry it.

11:1 gear reduction ratio FOR THE WIN!!!!!

I'm obviously really excited about this. :) It will- once we manage to get it set up- be enormously useful for stuff I'm doing now, AND for much stuff that I WANT to be doing.

I am so pleased that I've done well enough this year to manage this!
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