October 3rd, 2009

anvil, ring

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Pretty productive day again today. OK, I ran into yet another problem with that commission scent locket- but I fixed it, and now it and its siblings have been pre-polished; I hope to finish the polishing and/or harden them all tomorrow, and then they will be DONE, or very close to.

Also worked on various rings, all commission, and put together a couple of pairs of Celtic earrings made from previously-done castings, one of which I have sold.

I did have some time to work on some of my own stuff: a gift pendant for a friend (since the stone is translucent, I decided to scrap the sterling backing I'd cut and go with Argentium instead; I will bring up the germanium oxide on it before setting the stone, so it won't tarnish); and a couple of pendants I've been prepping for resin inlay. My Sat. student is intrigued by inlay, so I've promised to save the actual inlaying part for next Sat. when she's here.

The pendants are 2 square-ish Dublin rose designs, one in bronze and one in silver. I know I'll use reds (bright and dark) for the silver one, but am undecided about the bronze; anyone have any color ideas that are better than that one to go with a golden-brown metal?