July 11th, 2009

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Excellent day in the studio today! OK, I still have tricky stuff to do tomorrow, but the decks are all cleared for it.

I got both a Mobius and a not-exactly-a-Mobius, made of Argentium, twisted (tricky in the non-Mobius one), soldered, rounded, sized, and now annealed. Tomorrow I should be able to start setting the stones; since I'm using CZs, and they're safe for PMC temps, I figured I'd set the stones in the annealed metal, then do the hardening; I think that will give me a more secure setting, and if the CZs can stand 1300F or so, they ought to do fine at 580F. I did do the pre-polishing before the annealing, though I'm not sure that was the cleverest idea; I'll have to see what they look like when they come out of the pickle.

Also have a Pd 950 Trinket Ring close to done.

And, in my spare time between these, I got the color-sample ring of fine silver made. I think this is #4 of the 7 white metals I currently have; I am wondering whether to acquire some 18k Pd white gold next time I place a metal order- it's not very white- and whether to get some of the new, low-gold alloys for the sample set. I do have some metal in the new low-gold alloys, so I think I should play with it and see how well it works before investing in the stock for the color samples, since I'll have to buy enough for 4 rings, not just 1 (minimum orders).

J is taking some pictures of some of what I was working on today, for adding to Etsy and/or my website.

On hte marketing/Web end, I am thinking I need to do a separate page devoted solely to Mobius rings, with examples of some of the variants I've made. Maybe next week.
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