June 30th, 2009

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I did get some stuff done in the studio- some commission work, though I'm still not done with either of the tricky ones at the top of the list, plus some other things. (I have a student who comes Tuesday afternoons, so I don't like to get engrossed while she's here- I need to be able to help promptly etc.! So that means it's a better time for things like polishing or experimenting than for hard, concentrated work.)

I did finish my husband's diamond pinkie ring; I hope there will be pics soon. It is not your average diamond pinkie ring, that's for sure! The green-gold diamond looks very nice with the sterling palladium alloy I used for the ring itself, and I hope he'll be happy with it. The alloy is very nice to work with, and the stone set beautifully and relatively easily, though I did use my hammer handpiece for part of the work.

After that, I finally revisited a very old piece that's been lurking on my bench for years now. And it's going well! It's a take on an ancient brooch type that involves a stupid pun- and that's all I'm going to say till it's done. :) (I am partial to making involved jewelry based on puns and obscure jokes; I'm sure that's a character flaw.) On the less frivolous side, it gives me some practice flush-setting into sheet rather than rings, which is the practical reason I started the project- you know, the non-pun reason.
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