June 27th, 2009

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In the gaps amongst commission work, I've gotten a few things made, including a more-delicate Mobius ring that still shows a good twist, a Trinket Ring with a created sapphire, and most of the work on my husband's diamond pinkie ring (which defies the conventions of stuff by being made of sterling/palladium, and the diamond is a greeny-golden one). Pictures soon, I hope!

I also have fallen very much in love with the sapphire I'd chosen for an experimental ring. (This makes the experiment more problematic, since I hate to set it into a ring that almost surely will NOT be the best size for whoever falls in love with it...)

Anyway, this stone: it is a color change! meaning, that in many lights it's light green, but in others it looks like a citrine, with that yellow-golden-orange color. This is so cool! I'm going to ask J if, with his magical varying lightbox, he can get a picture of it in its different colors.
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