June 21st, 2009

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The tapered bezel technique I talked about yesterday does seem to work OK- sort of- for larger bezels, or ones where the ratio of the metal thickness to the diameter of the stone is smaller. However, I'm not really a fan. While the ends curve in and meet each other reasonably well, it leaves a bulge in the middle; I minimized it with some careful squeezing with my trusty parallel-jawed pliers, but it wasn't great.

In short: I think there are often better ways to make tubing, which is what this shaping step does. Plus, of course, that one can often buy seamless tubing- though, granted, not in Pd, which the project was about. I think I'd prefer to lay out a truncated cone, though, and tap that into the bezel block, for a better and easier fit.

The new Trinket Ring is back together again. Tomorrow- probably- I will start making the setting in it (again), as warm-up for settings in another piece. I hope I don't break another bit- that was SO annoying!
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