June 17th, 2009

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I have been neglecting this blog, I know.

Wedding season has been hard upon me, and I've been doing a lot of work for that. But! I am now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and hope to get my remaining wedding-related commissions done by the end of the week... and then I can focus more intently on the other, trickier but fun, ones.

In a few spare minutes of time, I've been working on a project from one of the jewelery magazines I adore. Sadly, I am often not able to keep "Art Jewelery" and "Jewelery Artist" straight in my mind, except that one of the- I think the latter- used to be "Lapidary Journal." Anyway, I love them both even if I do get them mixed up, and both often have some nifty projects.

The one I'm working on was designed to get people comfy with palladium... except that I already am comfy with Pd, so am mostly interested in the variant of the ways I learned to create a tapered bezel. Therefore, I'm doing it in silver, because I have the materials in silver. It is proving interesting; the bezel-making technique is definitely somewhat trickier than it looked in the description, but that's not unusual. I'm making a textured shank with a tapered bezel that will, I hope, hold a really pretty green sapphire I had sitting around. The sapphire is lovely- it's a spring green, but in some lights has brilliant flashes of orange! and I think it will look stunning in silver (gold would, I think, reduce the contrast of some of its colors).

I also may be getting some raw stock of petrified squid for use in jewelry. This sounds SO nifty! I haven't done much lapidary work for a while, but really interesting stock makes me want to do more- and how cool is petrified squid??? I'm certainly not an expert stonecutter, but we have decent equipment and I've made some nice cabs etc., so I'm confident I can do a credible job of turning the raw stock into really nifty stuff. I'm very excited!
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