June 11th, 2009

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Busy, busy, busy! June is wedding season, and I've been making a lot of rings! Some other things, too, which is a nice break; I like being able to move from one project to a different one as each progresses.

I'm going to ask for some help, now, on something that's not directly jewelry-related:

A Spreadsheet

Anyone have any recommendations? I do use a Mac, so that affects what will work.

I don't need anything too fancy; it's just that I'm spending a lot of my estimating time making the same calculations over and over again with slightly different variables, and I think a spreadsheet would be so useful! Especially since many people inquire about what something would cost with option #1, and also with option #2, etc.

I have no experience with spreadsheets, though I'm OK with math and reasonably competent on the computer as a user.

Simple would be fine. Cheap is also attractive. :)

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