April 23rd, 2009

anvil, ring

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A satisfying day today! I made progress on several commission pieces, as well as the sterling/Pd rings.

And I may have sold one of my 2 current St. Brigid's Cross pendants even before it's quite done! though I did finish it today. Cool! I think I need to start another couple- it's a good design for working on in bits and pieces of time when I'm waiting for other stuff to anneal, pickle, etc. And they do seem to be popular...

I am very inspired to work hard these days, not only because spring always perks me up- but because I want TOOLS. I have my eye on 2 in particular (well, OK, AND the latest set of Fretz hammers, which are very wonderful based on the ones I have): a truly splendid rolling mill, and a water torch.

I'd like a water torch so I could- if I were very careful- do some work in platinum, especially of Mobius rings and similar designs.

I'd like the rolling mill because- well, damn. It's just the best rolling mill around. 11:1 gear reduction ratio! Separate sets of rollers for rolling rod, sheet, and half-round! Large capacity, so good for mokume gane! Etc., etc. My little inexpensive rolling mill has done heroic work over the last 15 years or so, and I'd keep it- but I'd maybe get some texture or pattern wire rollers or something for it. I'm doing a pretty fair amount of milling these days, and a really solid and feature-rich rolling mill would be so lovely, for so many things I'm both doing and WANT to do...

And so- it is nose to the grindstone time. :)