April 1st, 2009

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Engraving success! We had a visit from a tech guy from the company that makes the engraver we got last year and have been having only partial success with.

Naturally, the first thing we tried worked perfectly- unlike what it did at any time previously. Ah, well. So we were feeling kinda dumb for a couple of minutes... till we then tried to engrave something, and the machine went nutso, as it's been doing. The tech guy said, "Well, THAT's not right!" and proceeded to make mysterious adjustments until it was right. Yay!

So after a few rounds of this, we have the ability to engrave on flat things of random sizes and shapes. Woohoo! -I say, while I knock on wood to avoid tempting fate.

Then, as he was starting to finish up, I asked if they had tried the ring engraver bit. (I was poking my head in and out while doing other stuff, rather than focusing just on this.) And no, they had not. So I said I would be happiest if they tried both the inside and outside ring engraving before the tech guy left... and neither was working right. I am SO glad I meddled! After another hour or so, the inside-ring stuff is mostly working OK, but the outside ring stuff is still failing; the tech guy is going to talk with the company tomorrow to work toward getting that functional, too.

Still- much progress!

I also got some good work done on finishing a loop-in-loop bracelet, and serious progress on a set of wedding rings.
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