February 15th, 2009

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Today I mostly did prep for an experimental bracelet, plus annealed and hardened some Argentium for a couple of projects. (Plus the usual order prep, etc.)

I can see why most people who do loop-in-loop chains do them in gold; there's a LOT of work involved, and people are generally not as willing to pay for that in silver. Still- silver is a good medium for trying things that in theory ought to work, so that's what I'm using for the experiment (Argentium, because of its better fusing properties, and also the ability to harden it.).

The "Hugs & Kisses" bracelet is nearing completion; I'll probably be able to post it on Etsy within the week, and I think it'll be very pretty. The other almost-done thing is a gift, so I'm not discussing it at this point.

I also got another couple of items close to finished, so I hope I'll be able to add some new, unique stuff to my Etsy shop shortly.

Meanwhile, I am working to refine my website page on "Metals", and I'm starting to develop data on stones to add to it as well.

I'm also trying to respond to the various people who have contacted me with questions- often these take some thought and/or research, so that may delay my reply. Sorry...