January 19th, 2009

anvil, ring

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I've got the bracelet chain made, and am working on the catch. I've decided to top the hook with an oval piece of sheet, decorated with some swirls or silver wire, probably a few 18k gold granules, and a natural sapphire cab set in 18k yellow gold. I think it'll be pretty. I may even millgrain the edges.

I'm liking the chain a lot more, too, now that I've gotten the knack of it- or my own knack of it, anyway! O me it looks like the lines of "hugs and kisses" on letters- XOXOXO. Fun! I'm contemplating making a version in gold; it's airy enough a weave that it wouldn't be hugely expensive either to make or sell, and it's definitely a pretty thing. Maybe put a small diamond or sapphire (faceted) on the hook, just for fun...

Got the 14k nickel silver Mobius ring soldered now- the solder that's supposed to be a good match is pretty decent to work with, but I don't yet know how good the color match is. I'm debating whether to anneal again before pounding the thing round, or if I can assume that a couple of soldering steps in which it definitely got up to annealing temps, and was appropriately quenched, will do.

I'm pretty pleased with this alloy. I guess I won't know how white it is definitely till I polish it up, but it's possible to work it in the ways I need to do, which I don't think I'd dare try with most nickel gold alloys.

Once I get it polished up, I'll add it to my site as a metal choice, and also get a good picture of it with Argentium silver and palladium Mobius rings, to show their respective colors.