January 11th, 2009

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I've had a satisfying couple of days in the studio this weekend.

Yesterday I was very bad indeed at soldering (the soldering demons were grumpy), so I didn't get much done there. Some days are just like that. Fortunately today was better, and soldering things went very smoothly.

So I did a lot of work on some commission stuff, plus some other orders, plus some experiments of my own- a satisfying mix!

I'm working on a new loop-in-loop chain from Victoria Landford's new book on the topic, and am pretty pleased with the results. The links are complicated to make, but once made the weaving goes fairly quickly. I was going to do a couple of short lengths of chain and make earrings, but as it turned out I made almost enough links for a bracelet so I'll add another couple and do that. The book's estimate for the metal required is about double what it looks like it'll take, so if I like the way this one turns out I may make one in gold, possibly with a fancy or enameled catch.

I also tried one of the prong settings in the Cogswell stonesetting book, with some success. Not enough success that I wanted to set a stone in it, though! I started another one, and so far that one is looking more promising. This si a setting for small stones made out of 10-ga. square wire, and the pictures look simple and graceful and lovely, so that's what I'm after with it.
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