January 3rd, 2009

anvil, ring

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I mostly spent my studio time today organizing in various ways. Not spectacularly productive, alas! but still necessary and valuable.

I put away all the stuff i got yesterday when I bought stones (and some tools). I made a list of current projects, underlining those that are ASAP!!!! I did some starting/progressing work on several of the projects on this list.

I was unhappy enough with the start to my 1500-link loop-in-loop necklace that I took my start apart, trashed the unrecoverable bits, and will be making a new start.

I polished the pattern wire that I plan to use for some engraved bracelets; unfortunately, it came to me somewhat scuffed. Annoying! But now it's shiny and pretty.

Tomorrow I will be more dedicated to "on-task" stuff, which includes a couple of Xmas gifts that need to be done and yet are not. :P