January 2nd, 2009

anvil, ring

Happy New Year!

Yesterday I finally got started on my 1500-link loop-in-loop necklace. Now, starting such a chain is always the hard part... but this one's a doozy. At this point I am unsure whether I'll be able to do a double weave, as I'd planned, or might have to go to a single weave (which is still pretty, but I like the denser double weaver better. Sigh.).

Today was a trip tot he stone vendor, where I spent too much money (as usually happens). I got seduced by gorgeous spinels and zircons (no NOT cubic zirconium!). Plus I got some (very heavy) tools: an oval bracelet mandrel, and 2 machines that will put various sizes of pleats into wire or (thin) sheet metal. Should be interesting for plique filigree, among other things.