December 27th, 2008

anvil, ring

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I am such a metals geek. Not only did I give my husband a book on blacksmithing (he's a metals geek, too), but a couple of my favorite gifts indulged this for me!

I got a lovely book of artisan enamels, AND John Cogswell's stonesetting book. YUM to both! I will write up a proper review of each in separate posts, but both are very inspirational indeed.

I didn't do much in the studio today, but did get a lot of rings formed for my elaborate loop-in-loop necklace. This is the final fifth of the 1500 or so rings, and I think I shaped about 200 of the 300. Once they're done, I can finally start weaving the chain!

I've been spending a lot of design time on the computer lately, working on various projects. More about them when I have something to show for the work, including (I hope!) nifty pictures.

One nice surprise today: I found I have some 10-ga. (1.6mm) square wire! It's used to make a setting in the Cogswell book that I have quite fallen in love with... so I can try it soon.

I'm also working on a stones shopping list, since it looks like I'll be visiting my favorite vendors this week.