November 29th, 2008

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Since I had a LOT of kiln annealing to do today, and I'd made up my batch of Pripp's flux, I decided it was the perfect day to learn how to use the stuff. And so I did.

I am not best pleased with my mister. It's way too big, and tends to spray way too much liquid at a time. I am hoping to find a perfume atomizer, or maybe one of those jobs that sprays olive oil into frying pans (not that I've had good luck with them...)- I think the size would be easier to use, and hopefully the quantity dispensed would be more reasonable.

It is tricky to warm up the metal just enough so that the mist dries on contact. And this is very important, because for kiln annealing, one needs a fairly reasonable coating of the stuff; the thinner coats didn't do the job. I'll also mention that while it worked great at 1400F, at 1500F it had liquefied, and so was lovely where it was, but had beaded up some.

Still- I'm happy with the results in general, and feel confident I'll get the details working well soon.

And tomorrow I have all sorts of annealed metal to work with! Naturally, all 4 kinds anneal at different temperatures...