November 24th, 2008

anvil, ring

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I'm pleased that I have mostly caught up on the pending commissions, and what remains is very do-able before their various deadlines. This is a great relief! I'd been rather pushing myself, and I think on the whole it is best for me NOT to do that.

So at this point I have enough stuff to keep me busy through Dec., so I'm not likely to accept new commissions till mid-Dec. at the earliest. Especially not ones that require new designs, stones, etc.- these are always more time-consuming. I'm rather looking forward to clearing the decks and taking on some new stuff then, though. :)

I've started working with Stuller's "X-1" white gold- and I have to say, at this point I'm impressed. While it's insanely springy in 24-ga. (0.5mm), it twisted up beautifully for some filigree; in fact, I got such a tight twist before it broke at one of the ends that I don't think I need to anneal it and twist it any more. I do plan to anneal it before rolling it, though.

The X-1 rod forged out nicely for a test Mobius ring, too. Again, I do plan to anneal before adding the twist... but I didn't need to during the forging-out process, and that worked out well for my process. I'll be interested to proceed through the making, and then get a picture of the X-1 ring along with a silver and a palladium one. At this point, though, I think the X-1 alloy looks reasonable for at least some of my work. Nice! I know a lot of people really want a white gold, and it'd be nice to have a whiter one than the palladium white (which I do love) as an option.