November 10th, 2008

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I got the rest of my Stuller white gold order today. It does look like a very nice color- not as white as silver, naturally, but a lot whiter than the palladium white alloys.

I've just annealed the heavy stock for the Mobius and the thin wire for the filigree. If I have time, maybe I can even get started twisting the filigree wire tomorrow...

Another potentially cool thing about gold for filigree- it is theoretically possible to tack-weld all the bits together, and then do one BIG soldering, rather than many, many, many smaller ones. That would be extremely cool. Now, in theory one can do this with silver, too, but thus far I haven't had a whole lot of luck in my attempts; I have been getting keen on re-trying, though, so I probably will once the white gold is ready as well.

I have 2 new designs I'd love to have available for Xmas and holiday gifts, and am itching to get going on them. Alas, one commission had a set-back; one of the stones was very slightly chipped, either before setting and I hadn't noticed, or in the setting process. Sigh. So I pulverized it and removed it, and will now re-do the seat. I'm contemplating doing the same to the other stone, too- while it's very secure, it's not quite as deeply set as I'd prefer it to be. Granted that gold is a lot denser and therefore sturdier than silver... but I may just redo both while I'm at it.
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