November 8th, 2008

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I am now officially one of the Big Boys in jewelry making (heh)- I now have a Stuller account! I haven't really needed one before; my work and their products don't have a lot of overlap, so I hadn't seen the need.

But lately, I have heard tell that one of their nickel-bearing white gold alloys has both reasonable working properties and a nice white color! So I did the work to set up an account and buy some mill products made of it, so I can see whether it's something I can possibly use.

I am planning on making both a Mobius ring and some filigree out of it- both uses that require reasonable malleability in order not to drive the maker mad. I will report back on my results, but I'm excited about the experiments!

It won't get rid of one of my concerns about nickel white gold- that of nickel being an allergen. Still, I do get requests from people who arent; concerned about that but who do want a nice white color, and this would fill that gap. If it works OK.

ETA (Edited to Add): I neglected to mention the HUGE number of catalogs Stuller sent me. Yikes! I joked with my husband that his "box of bricks" had arrived, since it was raining and I hadn't really looked at the sender- just noticed that the box weighed a TON. Wow, though! Catalogs of everything I can imagine. It will be fun to peruse them in my off-hours.