November 2nd, 2008

anvil, ring

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I've had a good couple of days in the studio. Still working on commissions and making good progress!

We got our new engraving set-up working, too. SO cool! They screwed up a bit in the order- while we have the "jewelry" fittings for it (mostly the ring engraving jigs), we don't have the right software or license or something for it. :P Still, I'm sure a phone call tomorrow will straighten that out! I'm particularly eager to get that aspect working, since one of the commissions that is almost done needs some inside-ring engraving... and I sure want to experiment on a few other rings before I mess with a commission!

I've decided to engrave rather than etch a bracelet design that's been languishing for a while. It will give me good practice in setting up original art to work with the machine, and getting the art onto the segments is more important than that they be etched.

Once I get the 2 most pending of my commissions done, I hope to start work on a couple of other ideas that might make nice Xmas gifts. Plus a couple of Xmas etc. gifts I need to make for others! Time is slipping by...

Yesterday and today I did fit in some non-commission work, too. I'd hand-picked a couple more fossils to use for my "Moth" brooch/pendant design a while back, and varied the design to best suit each one. I'm going to make at least 1 more of them soon. I love the design, and while it's a lot more streamlined than the bugs in the Art Nouveau jewelry exhibit, the AN bugs did inspire me to work on it again.

I've also made some progress on the 1300 link or so loop-in-loop necklace that I've been playing with off and on (mostly off) for at least a year. I have finally reached a decision as to how to handle the ends, so can start work weaving the chain as soon as I finish shaping the last of the 5 sets of links. (Since the links are closed when they're woven, if they are to be woven onto the catch, that needs to be decided before starting the weaving. I've decided on endcaps, though- probably granulated, with interchangeable enameled or ??? focal objects for the clasp.)