October 18th, 2008

anvil, ring

WOW!!!!! Art Nouveau Jewelry at the Boston MFA

This was such a stunning and splendid exhibit! ALL the pieces were fabulous and well worth viewing, especially for enamelists.

It was extra fun for me, attending with a friend who is also an enamelist, so we could get all geeky about the techniques involved... but it's awe-inspiringly inspirational anyway. They even hung a few of the necklaces so we can see the back! which helps to resolve some construction questions we had, though we also spent a fair amount of time peering at odd and contorted angles, trying to see the backs of other pieces. :)

If you're in the Boston area at all, I really recommend it. It's running through Nov. 9th, and does not require an extra ticket to get in.

Also, the book about the exhibit has some truly stunning photos of the pieces.

We also went to the Assyrian exhibit, and were not as thrilled. (Of course, we'd gone pretty much solely for the jewelry...) The review I read said that it included jewelry and metalwork... but didn't mention that there wasn't much of either. Sigh. It was cool enough, but not really in my areas of interest.

But the Art Nouveau jewelry... WOW!!!!!