September 29th, 2008

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Yay, me. I am now caught up on commissions- meaning, the ones i have in progress are of fairly recent origin, and I am making good progress on them.

It is much more fun to work when this is the case!

So today I worked on a couple of the current commissions, and also on a brooch I started quite a while ago and am looking forward to finishing. It is turning out very pretty. :)

I am somewhat nervous about what all the economic turmoil will do to metals prices. (Yes, my political interests range wider than that, but this is my metals blog!) I am sincerely hoping gold and silver do not go through the roof, because I like making jewelry for people and would hate to have to stop because no one- including me- can afford it! I've already had to raise the price of some gold work to compensate for the spot price increases, and hope I can stop there.