September 27th, 2008

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I am ALMOST caught up with something of a commission backlog. Yay, me. I should be caught up by this time tomorrow, when I can start focusing on more recent commissions and maybe even some of my own original work! Like, finishing up a couple of pieces that have been sitting around an embarassingly long time now...

And this is good, because I have materials coming for several new projects. One's a gift, and the others are, hopefully, prototypes for some production pieces- individually handmade, but of a coherent design.

I've been less productive than I'd like of late, because a lot of the work involves setting stones- especially very small ones- and something is pollinating that's making my sinuses unhappy and thus my eyes blurry, etc. It's a real drag. As the weather's cooling off, though, the pollen ought to slow down. Please?

I'm especially looking forward to one of my newer commissions- it involves granulation, which I adore. Once I'm caught up, I can focus on that! I've got the structure of the granulated part done, but granulation itself is SO time-consuming that I feel I need to finish the "pending" stuff before heading into it- so it'll be kinda my reward. :)