September 21st, 2008

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One of the things that's annoying about sinus problems is that they make my eyes blurry. Something around here is pollinating wildly, and my nose and sinuses are sore, and my eyes are scratchy and blurry as a result.

This meant that I only set about half the stones I'd hoped to set today. Still, I should be able to catch up tomorrow. And i did do a good job on today's stones, so that's a plus! especially since they were the tricky ones on a couple of commission pieces.
anvil, ring

I'm honored!

My piece "Phases: A Moon Ring" has been chosen as the featured piece of the day on the site Jewelry of the Day.

I'm especially honored to be included with so many other wonderful pieces- when you visit, I encourage you to browse, because there's a lot of gorgeous work out there!
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