August 29th, 2008

anvil, ring

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Argh. I have been having such a hard time with setting stones lately! I'm just clumsy. I think it's my sinuses- they're affecting my eyesight a bit, and a bit is all that's needed to mess up a stone-setting sometimes.

Like- today I broke 2 aquamarines while trying to set them into hardened Argentium silver. Grr. Usually I have NO problems with this- although it can be a bit tricky, since aquas are rather delicate and the hardened silver needs some force to move it. Still, today was unusually bad. So annoying!

We're not finding ourselves to be best pleased with the Modul-grav engraver we have for doing engraving, and are researching alternatives. I have a ton of ideas for a functional engraving technology, but unfortunately it doesn't look like the Modul-grav meets our needs the way we'd hoped. We're looking to find an option that will work better for us.

Another thing we ned to do: replace my 2-station polisher with a 1-station one. The larger one is lovely, but takes up a LOT of room, and I really don't need 2 spindles; I'd rather have the extra space.