August 18th, 2008

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I've been mostly working on commissions of late, so don't have a lot to post about. Some get done, I start work on others, etc.

I did have a frustrating time on one yesterday, though: I'm setting purportedly 2mm stones, flush, into a ring. Something I do a lot, right?

Except these particular stones are only very roughly 2mm. Many are 2.2mm. And while I have a 2.1mm bur, and a 2.3mm bur... I completely lack any 2.2mm burs.


It takes quite a while to drift a 2.1mm bur enough to make a space for a 2.2mm stone, especially since one has to keep stopping and tryiung the stone, because too big is worse than too small for the hole!

Tomorrow I should be getting a set of burs with some odd sizes- one of which is 2.2mm. I look forward to this.
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