August 6th, 2008

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I've been in the studio a lot these past couple of weeks, finishing up various commissions. And when that was done, I started getting more inquiries, so I've been doing a lot of calculating and estimating too. That's always somewhat anxious- in fact both are! When I send out a piece, I'm always nervous that the commissioner will get it and be disappointed (although that's not happened so far *knock on wood*!); while estimating can be tricky because so often the unexpected does turn up despite everything.

Fortunately, both get easier with practice, until I am almost becoming serene about them. Almost.

I have an interesting assortment of potential and actual commissions now, too, so that will be fun! I do love the Mobius rings, and they're always fun to make... but so are other things, and a blend is even more fun.

I have recently added some new stuff to my site, as well as to Etsy. has pictures of several of the commissions I've been working on, plus maybe another thing or 2, and on Etsy I added a gold Trinket Ring to the silver ones. I'm planning to make a gold and diamond one, too.

Meanwhile, I've been proceeding with some personal projects. I've set all 18 stones in my blue sapphire "eternity ring"... but although it's pretty as is, I think it's not all that interesting, so I am contemplating what kind of file carving to do on it.

I also dug out an annular brooch from my "really OLD unfinished projects" drawer, and will be setting the stones in it. I am again going to be guilty of a horrible pun, because I will be setting 12 imitation birthstones around its perimeter. I am aiming for silly but funny (and "BLING!*). I'll grant that almost no one will get the joke if I wear it anywhere, of course. :)

(I am also reminded that I do not currently have a picture of another annular brooch I made: "Whirled Peas." I will have to dig the thing out and get a pic.)

So- busy. And busy is good!