July 13th, 2008

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Good studio day today! I'd finished up a somewhat tricky commission in the past week- you know, the kind where every single step that looked pretty straightforward ended up NOT being such. I think the results ended up very pretty, though, and I made the drop-dead deadline, and the clients like the pieces. So it's a win!

Still- today was much more IN my comfort zone. More work on some commissioned Mobius rings, and work on an experimental one I'm doing for fun- AND good progress on all 3. Yay!
anvil, ring


As the economy tanks, it becomes more and more likely that the stuff we send to people will get swiped in transit.

It behooves us to take steps to ensure that WE are not liable if some sleazeball steals things on their way to their proper owners.

I am going to make much more use of delivery confirmation, and various delivery methods that require a signature. Because I honestly do NOT want to be funding some thief's budget. Grrr.