July 11th, 2008

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Help! Question about ring sizes

I have a commission to make an engagement ring. Thing is- the man wants it to be a surprise for his intended, so checking her ring size directly is not an option he favors.

He does have a ring of hers that she wears on her index finger, and it's size 5.5 (US). He's wondering if we can from this deduce what the ring finger size is.

Now, my own fingers are big (hers are small), so my index finger is a couple of sizes larger than my ring finger. I'm expecting this is not typical, though.

I would particularly like to hear the comparative rings sizes of your index and ring fingers if you have small hands- say, ring sizes under 6 or 7.

Please help! And thanks in advance.

Poll #1221762 Comparative finger sizes

What size is your left ring finger?

What size is your left index finger?

The difference between them (index minus ring) is:

The ticky has no fingers, and so stayed out of this poll.