June 22nd, 2008

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And I say, "WOOT!"

This is because I have finally gotten my tack welder to be really, incredibly useful, at long last.

I'm putting together some rings that have a few fiddly little pieces (basically, spacers to go between some tube settings). And the tack welder worked a treat for tacking the fiddly little bits together so I could solder them, just like it's supposed to. So I repeat, "WOOT!"

Perhaps after I use it for these rings, I will resume my Quest to figure out how to use it for silver stuff. Especially filigree, which would be SO great.

By the way, I've been adding stuff to my Etsy site, including around 12 different thin silver rings that can be worn singly or stacked, with various stones or other decorative elements thereon.
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