June 6th, 2008

anvil, ring

Ooo, Shiny!

I went to the stone vendor yesterday and got cool stuff- including but not limited to the stones I need for some new commissions. So now I have to figure out how best to set these new wonders! And that's a fun problem to have.

Among these are 3 7mm CZ trilliants, purchased to be practice before I set my pretty 7mm purple sapphire trilliant. I've made a couple of trilliant settings from scratch, but figured setting some CZs in silver would be good practice for setting the sapphire in gold. Yellow gold, because the color combination of the purple with a rich buttery yellow is irresistible.

I've noticed that yellow gold is pretty unpopular these days. I guess I'm a contrarian, because I didn't care for it for years but have gotten more and more keen, just as its appeal in general seems to be diminished. Now, I don't wear it much- yellows do nothing good for my skin tone!- but I do think it's very, very pretty.

One "stone" I'm especially eager to create a piece for is the "black" mabe pearl I got. It's not really black; it's more the color of really good chocolate. I'm figuring on setting it with some of the brown topaz I managed to find at long last for another project, but I'm not sure of the metal yet; yellow gold might be a bit too yellow, but any of the white metals seem rather too cold. I will have to mull on it.

Also, it looks like the experiment with the sterling/platinum alloy from ABI has come to an end. After finding flaws in the heavy stock we'd gotten for Mobius rings, we sent 2/3rds of it back, and they were going to check it out and exchange it for stock that, hopefully, did not have the internal flaws that made polishing it so hard. This was at least a couple of months ago. We finally heard back- they send a refund instead of the metal.

I'm disappointed, honestly. I've grown to like the color of the alloy in my own ring, even though I'd say in use it's about as hard as normal sterling, rather than the 14k they claimed. I think the concept has a LOT of appeal- most of my commission inquiries are looking for white metal, and this is a nice alternative to white gold. But damn! if the stuff has internal flaws, AND it takes months to get them to send some metal... well, I simply can't use it. It's a shame. I'm rather hoping that someone else comes up with a similar alloy and does not have the problems with either the metal or the business aspects ABI seems to have based on my experience.