May 24th, 2008

anvil, ring

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One of the reasons I make rings: I can pretty much always resist the temptation to over-elaborate them, so I can do a ring or several that are essentially drills in whatever technique I'm working on. Whereas, if I go with a pendant or pin or something, I get over-elaborate. I'm not interested in doing a pendant that is pretty much just a setting, for example; it's not very interesting to look at, and people can get a similar thing but lots cheaper at Wal-mart or the mall, so it's not likely that I can sell it, either. It needs to be niftier... and that means more of an elaborate Piece, not a simple drill to help me gain skill with a technique.

I do wish I could figure out something to make that had the simplicity of the rings, but that was not so size-dependent, though!