April 21st, 2008

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In addition to commission stuff, I got more of the stacking rings progressed. One just needs polishing, and the other needs the stone set into it and then polishing. For the first I used a prefab bezel cup, but the second was too big for that so I had to make the thing. It went quickly, but- still a lot more work than the prefab ones! It'll make a pretty ring, though, and go nicely with any of the plain bands.

Once I get these ready for pictures, and a couple of commissions finished up, I need to put some serious effort into clearing off the bench. Again. Too many pending projects! And if I don't finish some of them, I won't let myself start new ones, and there are some new ones I REALLY want to start!
anvil, ring

Re: 500 Wedding Rings book

I forgot to add in my review one example of the not a Wedding Ring that really struck me:

The ring that consisted of a reverse telephone number, pierced out of sheet, so the wearer could use a stamping pad and stamp his/her phone number on Interested Parties.

HOW is this a "wedding ring"????

(One person I mentioned this to said, "Swingers!"

But I still feel it is not exactly aligned with the theme. Somehow.)