April 19th, 2008

anvil, ring

500 Wedding Rings: A Review of Sorts

Lark Books has my number, all right. All these pretty books that are totally full of great photography of (mostly) interesting pieces, and barely any text! They know that when I look at the metals books, I'm mostly looking at all the pretty pictures and ignoring any text supplied.

This books is a wonderful example in this line. Many, many pictures that are very pretty indeed.

However- after a first pass through it, I would guess that only maybe half of the rings ought to have been included based on the theme- and that's allowing the "conceptual" ones that comment on marriage as an idea in; if you excised those as well, the eligible pieces would be fewer.

In other words- if what you want is a lot of great ideas for wedding rings- well, you'll find some. And I'm glad I got the book because there are all sorts of ideas it sparked that have nothing at all to do with wedding rings, but that sound like fun. And the pictures are very pretty indeed!

But- I think it would have been better for them to either title this book as a follow-up to their first metals book in this series, "1000 Rings," OR to have actually restricted the included pieces to ones that had at least a vague relationship to wedding rings.

And while I adore mokume gane, there was rather a huge amount of it here, mostly used in fairly basic ways. This is probably a Sign of the Times or something.

Conclusion: Definitely a gorgeous book, and one that's worth seeking out and perusing multiple times. However- while there are some truly brilliant wedding rings and wedding ring concepts, that is not quite the focus of the book. Given that understanding, I would absolutely recommend it to metalworkers, because it is fabulous.