April 17th, 2008

anvil, ring

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I'm pleased with what I've done in the studio today.

My heavy- and I do mean HEAVY prototype men's Mobius ring is now round. I started with more massive stock (OK, now it's starting to sound like some of that Viagra spam :P ) and forging it into shape was a lot more difficult as a result. (Yes, I did initially type "harder". *slaps self* I'm sure no one would guess that I just finished deleting my daily spam...) But it is forged, and twisted, and soldered, and made round... AND it ended up exactly the size I was aiming for, so that pleases me.

I plan to texture this one, so I will spend some time tonight contemplating that. And next time I may want to texture the band before making the ring... except that it would be difficult to texture both sides, since as I'm working on one I'd likely be damaging the other. So we shall see. But- this is why I like doing prototypes.

The usual stock I use for the Mobius rings is more unisex, and looks well on most sized fingers. I was interested in the challenge, though, of doing a massive one, for men who like that look or who have really BIG fingers- just like I'd probably use a lighter stock for someone with very small fingers, just to keep things in proportion.

And I made good progress on my prototype set of small stacking rings. So far I have resisted over-complicating them. :) I have all the soldering done on 5 of the initial 8, and a bit more on the other 3, including some construction for one since I want to use a largish, beautifully purple amethyst cab on it.

I'm very pleased with how these are going! I'm hoping to finish the stacking rings tomorrow or Sat., and then start prototypes for another "set" of jewelry; these will be pendants, earrings, and I don't know what else with a coherent theme and design, so they'll be mix-and-match like the stacking rings, though in a different way.