April 15th, 2008

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Oh, gods, it's been a month since I've updated. Again. Sigh.

I've been doing a lot of commission work of late, which does mean I have less to post about (I don't post anything but generalities about commissions until they're done)- so that's part of it.

I'm pretty enthusiastic, though, because in the past few days i've been getting a ton of ideas for nifty stuff. Today I started work on one of the concepts, and I may have stuff to show on it in a few days. Yay! I generally tend to elaborate and over-engineer stuff, so I've been trying to work against that temptation of late; it increases the work and the cost, but does not necessarily improve the resulting piece in ways that anyone but me cares about. :P

So- I hope to have some new stuff up in the next week or so, either on my website, or Etsy, or both.