March 10th, 2008

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There is something about the position in which I hold the flex handpiece while polishing that is making my elbow hurt. I suppose I'm twisting it or something. I had to stop work today because pretty much everything on the list at the moment is one flavor or another of polishing, and I don't want to get some weird repetitive strain injury or something!

Still, I got some nice stuff done. One commission piece isn't finished but is getting close, and I plan to send the owner a pretty picture of it in its current state; the last one I sent was of it in a very ugly state indeed, so this will be better. :)

I did not touch the sterling/platinum ring today, because I am still annoyed with it. Poor thing- it's not its fault that it's got porosity! However, I'm stiff quite irritated with the situation.

I must say, though- I do like this shape of wire for ring shanks. I'm going to do some more experimenting with making forged wire for shanks. I feel a variant on the Confetti Rings coming on, perhaps, and/or some stacking rings.
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