February 26th, 2008

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More Sterling/platinum woes

We finally heard back from ABI, the company that makes and/or sells the sterling/Pt alloy. They were apologetic (as seemed appropriate, since it's now approaching 6 weeks since we ordered the stuff, and we have yet to see it). They made various promises, including using the spot prices when we ordered rather than the spot prices now (thing have gone up in the past month and a half), and they'd absorb the shipping, and I'd get it today.

Today is very close to over.... and I have no metal from them. And I've been here all day, except for an hour in which I took cats to the vet.

I am quite frustrated! The stuff does have lovely working specs- but if I can't GET any of it, the specs do me no good at all! I know a lot of people that really love white metals, and i think this would be a lovely option to offer them- but I can't offer it when I can't get the metal!!!! Argh!
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