February 21st, 2008

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Oh, dear. Another too-long gap between posts...

I have accomplished things, though! I am now entirely through my backlog of photos taken but not posted. Yay, me! Mind, I still have a pile of stuff that needs photos... but I've at least done what I've got.

So please check out the new stuff on my site, some of which is for sale either there or on Etsy!

I've been doing a lot of commission work, too, but won't be posting about it until it's done. I'm finishing up a few things, and am maybe halfway through a later one; I have a couple more in the pipeline as well, which is a nice situation to be in.

I've been encountering some real frustration, though. I posted a while back about wanting to order some of the newish sterling/platinum alloy from ABI Precious Metals. And... I still don't have it. What's more, I have no idea when or if I'll ever get it. It's now been over 5 weeks, we've submitted paperwork for an account (and heard nothing back), we've made arrangements- supposedly- to buy a small amount and pay with a credit card- and this was several weeks ago, and there has been no sign of the metal, not have we succeeded in contacting them to ask what's going on.

So- I'm not happy. At this point I'm almost hoping I hate the stuff- because even if I love it, I sure can't use it if it required a couple of months of hassling to maybe get some!
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