December 14th, 2007

anvil, ring

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Quite a week of accomplishment, actually!

I finished a couple of Xmas pressies, of which pics will go up In The Fullness Of Time. I finished 3 pieces which I want to put up for sale this weekend- they're instances of a semi-production* line, so there's some potential there.

And today I finished a bracelet that's been in the works for a while, inspired by metalworking techniques and the aesthetics of the ancient Romans. Although one does not have to care about that bit to like it, because it's really, really pretty. :) I hope to have it, too, up either on AFMetalsmith or on Etsy this weekend. At the moment it's unique, but I will probably make more in a similar vein, because it did turn out nicely.

Perhaps tomorrow I will resume work on my Viking beads. W00t!

*To me, "production" means a series of pretty much identical pieces, most of the actual making of which is jobbed out, although I do the design and the final bits of finishing. So, "semi-production" means that it's a series of very similar pieces with elements I job out, but which have a lot more hands-on work that I do.