December 7th, 2007

anvil, ring

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I got 4 of the 7 stones set into my current argentium ring. I'm getting a lot faster at it, too, which is pleasant. Setting into the hardened argentium does take more hand strength than setting into sterling, though, so I'll probably finish it tomorrow or Sunday. And then- polishing!

I pulled 2 ring blanks from a drawer of ones I'd made several years ago. I'm going to set blue lab sapphires into one of them, and 2mm manmade faceted opals (dark and light) into the other.

I have a LOT of 2mm pretty blue lab sapphires. I shall have to think of additional uses for them...

I also got one of my 2 new sets of stakes sorted out and put away. I'm looking forward to playing with them after the holidays!