December 6th, 2007

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Ahh. There's nothing like a good, exciting, action-packed DVD.

And by that I mean the one on Russian Filigree, which a friend and I watched almost all of today. We watched 4 of the 5 projects. We browsed the gallery of pieces (only complaint there: not enough in them!). We watched the segments on materials. We discussed all of this. Such fun!

I'm looking forward to trying some of the projects, at least to one degree or another. Very nifty! And we both got all sorts of ideas for other things we can do with the techniques.

However, we are going to make do, for now, without the special solder formula she recommends. While I have decent ventilation, I am not confident enough of its power to want to make a solder that involves molten zinc inside. That will have to wait for weather warm enough to do it OUTSIDE. Zinc fumes are very nasty indeed.

I was pleased, though, that she did make a point of ventilation- along with things like masks and safety goggles. Although I think that if one is twisting wire that one rather expects to break at some point, one really ought to wear safety goggles. Just sayin'.

Still- excellent video- well-filmed and informative and very inspiring!
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