December 4th, 2007

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I've run into a few snags in the last few days.

For one, the ring that I'm making for an Xmas gift had a wee crack in it. Naturally, this was right in the area with the stones! Since it was argentium sterling, I decided to ream out that area and fuse a bit of wire into it. This worked, though it was a bit trickier than I'd anticipated; the wire got hot SO much faster than the ring area! so I grabbed a beaded-up end, kept it warm while I continued to heat the ring, and then, as it approached fusing temperature, I put it in place. It seems to have fused in perfectly. So today I heat-hardened the ring again, and am now roughly back where I was a few days ago, but without the crack.

I also set 1 piece of jade in another gift (which takes 2). This was fun- for certain definitions of "fun"- because the jade cabs are slightly over 5mm, and I'm using 5mm bezel cups. I have some 5mm rod, so I tapped that into the cup and wiggled it a bit while tapping. This helped. Then I put the stone in, and tapped it in using a wooden dowel and a soft hammer. Since jade is pretty tough (I would NEVER try this with lapis!), it worked great. And the round burnishing device worked beautifully with the cut of the jade stone, so after I got the thing into the setting, it was pretty easy to finish it.

I have not been resisting the temptation to spend some time on my Viking beads, though I try not to focus on them, enticing though they are. I do have other projects, some with deadlines! Today I did a final round of dapping on my small bead halves, then filed the edges flat. Next step will be fusing wire around the hole on each one. I think I went a bit farther than I needed to in rounding these; consulting the picture again, the halves of the beads are not generally quite a full half-sphere. This will make things easier in the future. I believe I am going to try fusing the motifs to the halves before I combine them into a bead, then fusing the bead and its equatorial wire as the final 2 steps.
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