November 20th, 2007

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Having done some calculations based on my recently-acquired granules and the picture, using the granules I got means the picture is about double actual size. This is plausible; I'd have guessed between 200-300%. However, my 0.6mm granules are quite tiny indeed, and I'm just as glad I didn't go with smaller ones!

The trick is going to be finding cabs for the pendants. The smallest is just under an inch (23mm), and the largest about 1.5 inches (35mm). I'm thinking amber, partly because I've seen it in large sizes (although not- alas!- round cabs), and partly because it's so lightweight.

So today I had the exciting task of sorting through my recent Rio order and inputting the relevant bits into my inventory system- and marking all the bits with their costs. I hate doing that stuff, and it always takes longer than I think it ought to, but it's very practical for me- more in terms of helping me set fair prices than inventory control, but for both to some extent.

I then made a start on the Xmas gift for my daughter's sweetie, plus cleaning off my bench. The stuff not out and clamoring to be worked on is either very close to done, or stuff I need to do ASAP. I hope to spend some Quality Time working on it over this weekend's holidays; probably not Thursday, when I'll be cooking, but the rest of the time.
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